Why Egyptian Cotton?

Natural, Plush, & Shiny

Our fabrics are comprised of Egyptian Cotton due to its superior quality— and it shows.

It Starts with Egyptian Cotton From The Nile

Sheets and duvet covers that last and will make you look forward to sleeping in your bed begins with only the best ― Egyptian Cotton.

Why are our products so soft?

Soft, Smooth, and Silky Fibers

Only Egyptian Cotton provides the ability to produce long spun yarns and fibers to create smoother, stronger, and silkier fabric surfaces. 

Never Blended Cotton, always Pure

We only use 100% Certified Egyptian Cotton in our products. We never sacrifice quality, longevity of product, or the soft hand feel of Pure Parima products. We don't cut corners and that is our promise to you. 

Why Pure Parima?

Luxurious, Sustainable, & Beautiful

Our luxurious Egyptian cotton products come in individual fabrics pouches using the same fabric used to weave our products! Each product comes with its own beautiful Pure Parima reuseable box as well.

Traditional Method Vs Our Method