Duvet Guide

Duvets come in various colors, styles, and patterns but they all hold a common shell material, which is usually cotton. Cotton is easy to care for, provides great comfort, and falls into a relatively low price range. For a more luxurious look, duvet covers made from Egyptian cotton provides impressive comfort and a great silky look that other cotton types cannot provide.
The thread count of the shell material requires a higher thread count to ensure the fill material remains equal throughout the shell. Cotton duvets with 300 thread count and slightly above offers plentiful durability, which prevents fill materials seeping through on your duvet cover. For instance, luxury duvets typically feature 100% Egyptian cotton ticking, as this type of fabric is extremely durable and breathable.


Your duvet should be filled with materials that suits your needs. A Duvet's components can either have natural or synthetic fill materials. Synthetic fill materials can help those with allergies while natural fill materials are more environmentally friendly while providing great breathability. The quality of your fill material matters, because it determines the comfort level, weight, and warmth you would have in your nights sleep.



Duvets come in many levels of warmth, which all depends on its tog rating. Generally the higher the tog rating, the more heat it preserves, making higher tog rating duvets ideal for winter and lower tog rating duvets for summer.

The weight of duvet is also important when choosing the right duvet, as light weight duvet fill is better for summer, and for cooler climates a heavier fill may provide more warmth. 


Pure Parima duvet covers come in Queen and King to fit your duvet needs. If you would like the duvet cover to cover more of the bed, go up one size when selecting a duvet cover. Make sure to check the size guides provided in the product description to correctly choose the right duvet cover for your bed.



Duvet covers protect your duvet from damage caused by stains, spills, grime, and general wear and tear. They are also a great way to enhance and effortlessly upgrade your bedroom décor. Although duvet covers protect your duvet from most outside dirt and dust, inserts should be washed moderately throughout the year, especially when summer ends.

Stylish duvet covers are a must to keep duvets clean. They can add a sleek and luxurious look to your bedroom décor, which depends on your duvet cover material, style, and color. Duvet cover fabrics generally match the same fabrics as your bed sheets to provide a polished and clean look. Covers may come in cotton, Supima, and pima cotton but the softest, highest quality comes from Egyptian cotton. Thread count matters as well, but anywhere from 250 to 500 thread count is more than plentiful. Any higher than 500 thread count, and your duvet cover becomes more stiff and less breathable, and your nights sleep won't be pleasant. Pure Parima Layla Duvet Covers provide the great protection your duvet needs, while adding a lavish look to your bedroom.