Why Is Genuine Egyptian Cotton only from the Nile River Valley?


Egyptian cotton is the finest cotton type known today. It is the softest material and its smoothness, silkiness, and softness can only be matched with that of pure silk. Egyptian cotton bedding products are the best bedding options for your bedroom, though they are more upscale in it’s pricing, they are surely worth it. One of the major reasons for this fabric being expensive is because it is grown in a very limited quantity in Egypt near the River Nile.

If you are thinking about as to why this type of cotton can only gown in Egypt, here is your answer.

1.    Nile River:

The first answer to this question is of course the River Nile. This is also referred to as the wondrous River Nile. This river creates the most fertile soil surrounding it, the best in the world! The extensive irrigation from this river provides the necessary nutrients needed by Egyptian cotton that aids in the growth of fibers that are extra long. The River Nile provides a constant supply of nutrients, which is a must for the growth of this luxury cotton, the long fibers give it an overall finish that is smoother than any other available cotton type.

2.    The Perfect Climate:

The next important reason why Egyptian cotton only grows from the River Nile is Egypt’s perfect climate. Egyptian cotton cannot grow in extreme temperatures such as winters or summers. It needs a moderate temperature and that is what Egypt provides. Other than a moderate climate, for an extra-long staple cotton, the climate must be stable and consistent and the climate of Egypt is mostly consistent all year round.

3.    No Machine Harvesting:

Cotton is usually machine picked rather than hand picked. This machine harvesting reduces the quality and the delicacy of the cotton and is a major reason why other cotton fabrics are not very smooth and silky. Egyptian cotton is very carefully and tediously handpicked and make up where machines lack. Handpicking Egyptian cotton is a major reason why this fabric is so subtle, smooth, luxurious and delicate.

These are the three major reasons, which make Egypt the best place for growing Egyptian Cotton and why only pure Egyptian Cotton comes from the Nile River.


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