Why Are Other Fabrics Inferior to Egyptian Cotton?

There are numerous types of fabrics available to choose from for your bedrooms and baths. All fabric types have their own benefits and drawbacks. Most common bed and bath materials include various types of cotton, silk, linen and many more, but there is this one material that is just perfect. Egyptian Cotton is the world’s most loved and admired fabric when it comes to choosing which fabric to go with. Egyptian Cotton is soft, silky and luxurious that no other fabrics can come close to delivering in terms of quality.

So, why are other fabrics inferior to Egyptian Cotton?

1.    Variety of Colors:

When selecting your bed sheets, color plays an important part. It can be difficult to find colors in bed sheets besides those that are commonly found. But Egyptian Cotton is a fabric in which you will find a vast variety of colors. This is due to the fact that Egyptian Cotton absorbs liquid way more readily as compared to other fabrics. Pure Parima will continue rolling out more new colors for our bed sheets so every person has their preference covered!

2.    Breathable Sheets:

Some bed sheets, such as those made by microfiber, are prone to make you sweat while you sleep. This can get really uncomfortable, even during the winter nights. The absorbent quality of Egyptian Cotton is what makes them the perfect bed sheets. These sheets made out of Egyptian Cotton absorb moisture and give comforting warmth that is necessary for a perfectly good night's sleep. Egyptian Cotton bed sheets provide an undisturbed sleep, which helps a person feel fresh the next day.

3.    Extra Long Staple:

Another quality of this fabric is that this has an extra-long staple. This provides a smooth finish to Egyptian Cotton sheets, which make it perfect for sleeping on! With extra-long staples, there are much fewer breaks between the cotton fibers and this is what provides a smooth and a silky feel to it.

4.    A Luxurious and Royal Look:

Bed sheets made of Egyptian Cotton give a luxurious and royal look to your bedroom. Other normal cotton-type fabrics fail to provide this look as the finishing of bed sheets made out of fabrics other than Egyptian Cotton is not smooth and silky. The smooth, silky feel and beautiful colors of Egyptian Cotton bed sheets is what helps in giving your bedroom the royal and luxurious look.

These are the reasons why all other fabrics do not compare to the king of all fabrics, Egyptian Cotton. Choose the best, choose Egyptian Cotton and give yourself the comfort you deserve. Comfort is a major advantage of Egyptian Cotton and no other fabrics can surpass the quality of comfort that Egyptian Cotton provides. Find the best Egyptian Cotton sheets only at PureParima.com!

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